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Amodo is the all-in-one platform for creators, coaches and experts to grow their business, brand, and digital community.

Three online videos of people doing daily tasks, titled: 'Yoga with Ada', 'Desserts with Emilia', and 'Gardening 101'

The platform for online creators, coaches and experts

Whether you’re a pro, newbie or side-hustler, let Amodo give you a head start.

Earn more from your passion, skills and knowledge.

Create and grow a professional online business. Without the hassle.

Get started for free in minutes. No code.

Online video of a girl teaching a history class, titled 'Learn History with Arty'

Put your passion to work

Sell classes and subscriptions

Create on-demand video libraries

Host live streams or webinars

Schedule consultations and group events

Impress clients with your own sleek space

Get your own customised landing page

Choose your colour scheme and branding

Integrate with your existing website (if you have one!)

Landing page of a company on Amodo, with colour picker options
Dashboard with an overview of earnings and statistics from videos hosted on Amodo

Start earning in minutes. Without the tech stress.

Payments via Stripe

Live stream via Amodo

Event scheduling

Integrates with Zoom

Upload videos with ease

Dashboard and analytics

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Can anyone join Amodo as an instructor?
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If you are looking for an easy way to monetise your knowledge, you’re in the right place! We cater to Australian business owners, sole traders, and creators across a wide range of skill sets. By joining Amodo, we’ll help you to easily sell on-demand videos, create subscriptions, schedule classes (online or in-person), and collect payments.

Do I need a website to register with Amodo?
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Website or no website, we’ve got you covered. Amodo provides you with your own custom landing page where you can pick your own branding and toggle on or off various sections to suit your needs.

If you have an existing website, your custom landing page on Amodo looks and feels just like an additional page of your website. Simply link to this custom page from your website and you’ll have your very own on-demand video library, livestream / event schedule, and subscription or package options. If you don’t have a website, you can also display a ‘Profile’ section on your custom landing page to introduce yourself.

Your custom landing page can also easily be added to link in bio services or directly on your social profiles.

How do I offer subscriptions to my members / clients?
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You can sell subscriptions on our premium package and offer as many different monthly pricing options as you wish. A subscription provides your members / clients with unlimited access to one or more of the following services:

  • live streams
  • in-person events
  • on-demand videos

You can also offer packages (where members / clients can purchase a bundle of streams, events, or videos) or simply sell your products individually.